Directed by: Jack Wagner Source: HotNewHipHop

Looking out car windows watching the strip malls drift by, the air is slightly tinged with grape swisher sweets and car exhaust. Welcome to Los Angeles 90% of the time on a regular ass day. Boogie, a raspy voiced, matter of fact rapper originally from Compton comes through correct with the latest video for 'Do It Like We.' He showcases not only the realism he blends into his lyrics but his ability to lace a space age beat with a flow that's un-rushed and purposeful. He states early on that "nah I really ain't into that simp shit," but in the end this track/video isn't anything overtly sensitive, it's just a glance in the life of a rapper portraying what made rap so meaningful in the first place, something that's both relatable in substance and style. Grocery shopping with your kid, watching the seagulls fly by slowly, sunset on the highway; there isn't anything about Boogie that makes you feel out of touch, but moreover he makes you feel at home.