Source: SR Backpacks

For the average traveling New Yorker, the hustle and bustle of the vivid city can really have one prioritizing what they keep in their essential carry all bag. New York luxury handcrafted bag makers, SR backpacks, has found the median between conventional carry all traveling book bags and leather made goods. With the introduction of their bespoke backpacks, wallets, and duffle bags, anything under the sun is available to be made. Each bag is meticulously constructed by hand in the Manhattan Garment district, using premium suedes and skins. Nothing is out of bounds for their clients. If it's physically possible, they can incorporate it into a piece (i.e. 50 Cent bulletproofing). Their most acclaimed feature is the Nile Crocodile Straps that can be installed on all styles of bags. Be on the lookout for their upcoming collaboration wit brands ranging from Rochambeau to TRVP GXD. Check out more about SR Backpacks on their website.