Photographer: Dylan Knight

This morning at The Pancake Epidemic in Los Angeles, the iconic sneaker brand British Knights announced it's triumphant return by offering a taste of what's to come. In an era where nostalgia reigns supreme, BK hopes to revive their aesthetic by targeting a new generation with a classic brand name. “British Knights was one of my favorite shoe brands growing up, and if you came up when I did, there’s two things you miss - ‘Bobby’s World’ and British Knights,” says Scooter Braun, who is helping kickstart the brand. "We’re not basing the shoes on what athlete is wearing them, it’s based on artists as the new athletes.”

We stopped by the reveal this morning for some food and good vibes, checking out a special collaboration designed by Darren Romanelli. Look out for British Knights at Sneaker Con in Las Vegas on February 17th and on sale at select retailers beginning March 15th.