'The Goonies' Is Getting A Sequel

Source: Mashable

The 80's film The Goonies is set to have a sequel. Richard Donner, director of the 1985 cult classic, confirmed that a sequel is coming with hopefully a return of the entire cast. We have our own set of questions though. Will Chunk make a return to big screen, possibly making the Truffle Shuffle eclipse the YEET and TerRio's "Ooh Kill 'Em" dance? Did Data ever make a career out of the crazy gadgets he had throughout the movie? Will we see a development between Chunk and Sloth's bromance? Where the fuck are The Fratellis going to end up in all this? If Sloth doesn't show up in this film, we're gonna be pissed. Check out the footage of the interview below and stay tuned.


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