Slvstr© x Monster Headphones

Source: Slvstr

Fresh off Art Basel in Miami, artist Slvstr© brings his artform to the audio canvas. Introducing the limited edition Monster® DNA PRO™. Limited to only 50 pieces, the headphones features a Monster-commissioned, Slvstr©-piece, called “Sly vs. Slick”, transferred onto the headphone. Autographed and numbered by the artist, the Monster® DNA PRO™/Sly vs. Slick headphone will be showcased and sold at Art Basel - SCOPE Art Show Miami as a part of the Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler at SCOPE. The limited edition Monster® DNA PRO™/Sly vs. Slick will be sold for $350.00 per, and will come with a 15”x15” print of the original Sly vs. Slick piece the headphone was curated from. Stay tuned for the further news from the up and coming artist.


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