RH TV: 7 Minutes With Keys N' Krates

RH TV: 7 Minutes w/Keys N' Krates from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

"We were chilling in Austin after a long day and longer night at SXSW, when Keys N' Krates showed up to our hotel room, sneaking in with the pizza delivery guy. Good thing we let them stay, because they turned out to be one of the sickest live acts we've seen in a long time and are taking the
live circuit by storm. Named to URB's Top 100 of '09, Keys N' Krates are gaining praise for their Live Remixes. We visit their style, their name, and more in this interview. After watching Keys N' Krates' interview come check them out in person on August 6th at Lumen!"
Keys N Krates - The Live Remixes Vol.1
Shouts to Alex.

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