On September 9th, Banks is set to release her debut album Goddess. This project's standard version holds 14 tracks with the deluxe version carrying 18 songs in total. Goddess is available for -pre order on iTunes. Check out the tracklist below.
1. “Alibi”
2. “Goddess”
3. “Waiting Game”
4. “Brain”
5. “This Is What It Feels Like”
6. “You Should Know Where I’m Coming From”
7. “Stick”
8. “Fuck Em Only We Know”
9. “Drowning”
10. “Beggin For Thread”
11. “Change”
12. “Someone New”
13. “Warm Water”
14. “Under The Table”
Deluxe Edition
15. “And I Drove You Crazy”
16. “Bedroom Wall”
17. “Fall Over”
18. “Before I Ever Met You”