King Chip - Fresh At My Funeral (Ft. GLC & Chevy Woods)

GLC - Pimp You (Ft. Kids These Days)

GLC - Empty Town (Ft. Cold Hard)

GLC – The Anti Simp

GLC - Recognize Gz

GLC – Silence Of The Lames

GLC - Reach For The Top

GLC - So Real (Ft. B.J. the Chicago Kid)

GLC – Cold As Ice

GLC - Custom Detail (Ft. Tennille & Nico Segal)

GLC – Cathedral (Ft. Raheem DeVaughn)

GLC – Pimp You (Ft. Kids These Days)

GLC – Cathedral

GLC – Nation Piece

Fly.Union - Seen This Before (Ft. GLC)

GLC & Chip Tha Ripper - The Vision

SC - You Know The Rules (Ft. GLC & Sir Michael Rocks)

GLC - Get Paper Stack Change (Ft. Cory Mo)

GLC – Fellowship Of The Ism

GLC - I Know Who You Pimped Last Summer

GLC - What This ISM Do

GLC - Jesse Owens

GLC & Rhymefest – Bionic Jaws

GLC On G.O.O.D. Friday's & Upcoming Album

GLC – Clockin’ Lotsa Dollarz (Ft. Bun B)

GLC - Cold As Ice (Ft. Twista)

GLC: The Road To Love, Life And Loyalty

GLC – The Light (Ft. Manfred Mann)

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