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Previously: Jaden Smith– The Coolest (Music Video)
Jaden Smith releases his debut mixtape today with The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 1. This project features 18 tracks with productions from Stoopid Robots and The Stuyvesants, as well as music inspired by Kid Cudi and Purity Ring. Check out the full tracklist and download after the jump.
1.Hello (Prod by The Stuyvesants)
2.Know Why [Inspired by Kid Cudi]
3.Down ft. OmArr / T.Coles (Prod by OmArr / MK of Stoopid Robots)
4.Cries [Inspired by Purity Ring]
5.Party On Venus (Prod by by OmArr / Josiah of Stoopid Robots
6.Pharaohs [SBTRKT cover]
7.Chase The Sun ft. Josiah Bell (Prod by Josiah / OmArr of Stoopid Robots)
8.The Coolest (Prod by The Stuyvesants)
9.MSFTS Anthem (Prod by Chaos / OmArr of Stoopid Robots)
10.Can't See Tomorrow ft. OmArr (Prod by MK / OmArr of Stoopid Robots and Max Gendron)
11.Jus' Not Ready ft. T. Coles. (Prod by OmArr / MK of Stoopid Robots)
12.First Time ft. T. Coles (Prod by OmArr / MK of Stoopid Robots)
13.Find You Somewhere ft. Willow Smith / AcE (Prod by OmArr / MK of Stoopid Robots)
14.Cruze (Prod by AzZi for MSFTSrep)
15.Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me) [Foster People cover]
16.Underwater-Too Much ft. OmArr / Josiah Bell (Prod by Teo for MSFTSrep / OmArr of Stoopid Robots)
17.Outro (Prod by The Stuyvesants)
18.**Hidden Bonus Track**